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"Terrific service. Wish I had known of it sooner. By baby girl was a rescue and perfect in every way! We described her as 1/2 Speedy Gonzales, 1/2 Evil Knievel. She LOVED going "bye-bye" and walking. She lived to be 16yrs old! My once in a lifetime dog."

Thank you for your hard work, this small gesture means more than you guys think.

Thank you for this beautiful, heartfelt way to honor our pets who have passed.

Love what you are doing! The entire mission of your company is so unique and supportive to both the people who are losing their family member and looking for a way to honor and memorialize them, as well as the environment. Awesome!

Jennifer - May 2018

Tucson, AZ

In our network we try to give options of all sorts to people who come to us for advise. I love composting and I am sure as with the many choices out there that this one beats all. Lots of people are getting the idea of being kinder to mother earth. With just a little bit of information/education on this subject I feel many of the people I speak to weekly would choose this as an option. I wish more vets would offer solutions that work better for the environment than the chemicals that are so toxic and very bad.

Diane - March 2018

From an animal rescue industry influncer

Thank you so much. This will mean more to me than you could ever know.

Mahalia - March 2018

Mandan, ND

Wonderful idea!! Would love to be involved with a company like yours.

Tabby - February 2018

Cincinnati, OH

Thanks for doing this! It's cathartic to share my love of Boomer.

Pam - February 2018

Dallas, TX

Thank you for this opportunity to do something lasting and special for our beautiful boy.

Athena - February 2018

Winslow, AZ

This is a wonderful way to honor our pets. Thank you.

Edye - February 2018

Cazadero, CA

Planting a tree in honor of a family member is very thoughtful and means a lot.

Andrea - January 2018

Woodbury, CT

This a beautiful way to memorialize these sweet babies.

Tami Jo - January 2018

Ringwood, NJ

Thank you for doing this. It gives us all some closure.

Beth - January 2018

Basildon, UK

I love the idea!!! Thank you for helping our world!!

Kathy - January 2018

Lakewood, CA

This is a beautiful service to help animal owners bring closure for their loved pets they have lost.

Tammi - January 2018

Tucson, AZ

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