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Rooted values the relationships that make life worth living. Founded by two lifelong friends, Rooted creates sustainable, living memories of beloved pets after they have passed on. In practice, product, service and principle, our mission is to honor, to add value and to create a net-positive impact on every living relationship—with our customers, employees, investors, the environment—with all. 


All about meaningful relationships

Rooted sprung from a lifelong friendship between two childhood friends from Seattle, Washington.  Early in their careers, each independently founded, ran and sold companies. With combined experience in commercial waste management, real estate, e-commerce, marketing and sales, these friends set out to build a company rooted in value and meaning—together. 

After collaborating over an idea and shared vision in 2016—over 35 years after their friendship began— Greg Schoenbachler and Paul Tschetter established Rooted, LLC, a celebration of life, love and the companions that count. The company was created to positively impact on an individual, communal and global scale, to infuse meaning into trying times of loss, and to honor the natural processes of both life and death. 

Integrating years of experience, innovation and cutting-edge technology, all built upon a bedrock of meaning and value, Rooted honors pets and planet. 



Our state-of-the-art recomposition technology controls variables found in nature to maximize accountability, efficiency and quality in creating compost from animal remains. The automated system is comprised of pods, each equipped with calibrated sensors that provide continuous feedback to the control system. This system deploys precise quantities of air and water tailored in real time to each pod's requirements. In adherence to the highest industry standards, our controlled, gentle process provides consistent, predictable results and a top-quality product.  


Greg Schoenbachler

For over ten years, Greg has worked in the waste-management industry. He developed, operated and owned

 Silver Springs Organics composting facility in Tenino, Washington, which he sold in 2009 to Waste Connections.  Greg oversees Rooted operations, management, human resources and systems development. He is also a member of the company board.

Paul Tschetter

Since 2001, Paul has worked in the technology, payment and real estate industries. He has built and sold numerous businesses, and he actively invests in real estate throughout Western Washington. Paul is a creative problem-solver, and he loves growing businesses. He leads the sales and marketing operations for Rooted, and he is also a member of the company board. 

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