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Gone but never forgotten.  Submit your beloved pet memorial and we will post it here to honor your pet and his or her memory.

Baby Girl Zara

Zara | 03/16/20

We lost our baby girl Zara yesterday afternoon. She was only 2 years old. It was an unfortunate accident and we’re having a hard time accepting it. We’ve gone through so many scenarios about what if we did things differently but it doesn’t help us in anyway.

The Sweetest Loudmouth Kitt

Uno | 03/16/20

My sweet stray friend Uno crossed the bridge today...
I've been feeding her for about a year now. She suddenly dropped a lot of weight and was not herself... I brought her inside last night and took her to the vet this afternoon. She was diagnosed with feline leukemia, and after discussing with the vet we both decided that it was best to let her go peacefully.
At the end she laid happily in her kennel on a sloth blanket, being loved on and purring the whole time. She had a look in her eyes as if to tell me, "It's ok."
I'll get her ashes back in a Rainbow Bridge urn and will forever have a special place in my heart for the sweetest loudmouth kitty there ever was...

The Amazing Little Fighter

Poppy | 01/08/2020

So on the 8th January of this year I lost my girl Poppy after having her from being 6 weeks old... it was such a sudden loss and I’m still completely heartbroken and lost without her. I still walk in from work at night and go looking for her to give her a cuddle like I always have done and then it’s like reality hits me again and it’s like oh, yeah she’s actually gone😔
She was 14 years old, diabetic for 6 years and blind but was never sick otherwise and was always so happy. Her vets used to say that she was the most successful case of diabetes in a dog they had ever seen and was always a pleasure to have in the vets whenever she was there. I suppose my question really is, does it ever get easier? I feel as though she’s all I ever think about and my heart genuinely does ache whenever I think about her... it’s as though one minute I’m fine and the next thing I’m an emotional wreck.

Sadie Mom The Talker

09/10/2019 | Jim Thorpe, PA

I loved the way she “talked” to me (she was super vocal). How she slept under the covers in between my legs every night since she was a baby. And how much she loved her sticks and ropes.

Shadow was a loving French bulldog who followed us wherever we went. She adored food of course, but especially popcorn, chips, and any doggie cookies. She swam like a champ in our pool and loved every minute by splashing and swimming. She was very particular in many ways and growled whenever she didn’t get her way- but it was fine to us. She only knew her new twin baby brother and sister 3 short months but she sniffed them and accepted them into our home. She also loved all stuffed animals, especially purple cow, polar bear, and her birthday cake toy. She would hump them all the time. But, my favorite memory of her is just cuddling and laying practically on top of me. She was my forever friend, and I miss her and love her SO much.

We rescued Molly when she was 18 yer old. She was tied to a tree in a ditch on the side of the road, because her owner had left an abusive situation and no where to go or keep her. Despite the abuse and neglect that had happened to her in her life, Molly was sweet and loving. Molly was a sweet loving mare, loved kids and would follow you around if you had a baby with you. She was happy just to be loved on by the children and loved to give pony rides for them. Unfortunately this last year was just too much for Molly. Her past abuse had lead to arthritis and founder. When the cold weather started, she just could not keep going. Molly past quietly. As if she was just relieved to go to sleep, Molly lay down, rested her head. She was 23 years old, when she passed.

He was found in the desert covered with over 100 ticks and his head sunken in from his muscles starting to deteriorate. He was nursed back to health and became a lifer in my rescue Animals, People and Environment Action. He was a funny, stubborn, loving dog that loved to jump for joy, he is missed so much.

Buddy was Loved and Amazing


Buddy was an amazing dog. Always happy, always love-able, never met anyone he didn’t like! He had life saving heart surgery at the age of 2, at the UF Small Animal Hospital, he had a rare heart condition and even had a medical article written about him to help save life’s in the future. Every single day of those next 9 years we had with him were wonderful and truly a blessing. He passed away peacefully today December 28th,2017 from Liver Cancer. We did not know he had cancer nor did he show any symptoms, he was such a strong fighter and such a resilient being, I can only wish to be half as strong as he was! We all loved him so much and are already missing him terribly. His wings were ready, but our hearts were not. 💔🐾🐾

Mugly was famous for being "Ugly"

12/27/2017 - Peterborough, England

Mugly was loved by everyone who met him or followed him. He has a host of friends all over the world, It began by being crowned the Worlds’s Ugliest Dog 2012. And that was an experience I will never forget.  Mugly passed away on 12/27/2017.

Mugly, who was crowned Britain’s Ugliest Dog in 2005 before taking the title of World’s Ugliest Dog in 2012, died just days after Christmas following a battle with doggy dementia. The famous Chinese Crested 13-year-old mutt suffered a debilitating stroke on Christmas Eve that left him unable to walk, but the ‘little fighter’ made it through Christmas Day before passing away in owner Bev Nicholson’s arms yesterday after his condition rapidly deteriorated. Bev, 54, from Peterborough, Cambs, said she is ‘truly heartbroken’ over the sudden loss of her beloved pet and ‘can’t imagine’ her life without him. Mugly was left unable to walk after suffering the stroke The 54-year-old, who runs her own fashion business, said: ‘I feel like I have lost a part of me. There is an element of me that thought he would last forever. ‘For it to happen like this, so suddenly and unexpectedly, has been the hardest thing. NHS has done Britain proud in Rohingya refugee crisis ‘I just can’t believe it’s real and he is actually gone. I have five other dogs, but our home has never felt so empty and quiet. ‘It’s really strange. The other dogs are silent which isn’t like them at all, they’re usually always up and playing around but they’ve just been laying down. It’s such an eerie calmness.’ Mugly was abandoned at three days old due to his unfortunate appearance and Bev adopted him as an eight-week-old puppy. The pup grew a global fan base for his peculiar looks – winning accolades across the world – and also previously won a ‘most heroic hound’ award.

Thank You for Your Service K9 Isko

12/21/2017 – Republic, WA

Died 12/21/17

Republic Police Department K9 dies

Local residents are mourning the loss of the city’s police K9 Isko, who died Thursday night. . I’m told it was from a tumor bursting and causing internal bleeding. He showed no signs of illness at all until about 5 hours before he took his last breath. Isko died from a tumor bursting and causing internal bleeding,” Republic Police Chief Loren Culp said Friday morning.

Murphy (and Henry) the Double Merle Gene Australian Shepherd

Pomerene, AZ

Henry and Murphy were "lethal white", double merle gene, Australian Shepherds who were both deaf and blind. Henry also had seizure disorder. They were dumped in the desert when their breeder realizeds/he could not sell them and make money. WE took them in and loved and cared for them throughout their lives. Henry died younger, but Murphy lived for 12 years and passed peacefully. They are loved and remembered every day.

Ludo The Hiker


Ludo was Bonnie's hiking buddy. He went absolutely everywhere with her...She has told me "I never realized what a great conversationalist he was..."

Miraculous Bear Bear

Pomerene, AZ

Bear Bear was the first dog my wife and I took in together. At 6 weeks she was deaf and the breeder had no use for her. She was Vet checked but miraculously by 6 months of age she had hearing! She was a smart, tiny (3.5 lb) little long hair Chihuahua...and the reason we began our dog rescue, Cochise Canine Rescue. I miss her every day and cannot believe she is gone!

Dozer, Taken Too Soon

Birchleaf, VA

It means so much to me to have my sweet boy Dozer remembered in a place that is beautiful and vibrant- much like he was. I've attached a picture of him at six months old- he was a big boy! A Lab-Dane mix. He was my best friend. He was hit by a car right before his first birthday. 

Bryant University’s beloved bulldog mascot dies after ‘sudden collapse’

Died 12/07/17 - English bulldog, Tupper

Bryant University is on the hunt for a new mascot a day after the school’s beloved, slobbering English bulldog, Tupper, passed away suddenly from an apparent stroke.

School officials said Thursday that the pooch died Wednesday night during the “Festival of Lights” event at the Rhode Island college. Tupper was Bryant’s first live mascot, and was introduced to the school in 2010. Sports teams at the Smithfield-based school are known as the Bulldogs.

“It is my sad duty to inform our community that our beloved mascot, Ironclad Tupper I, passed away peacefully last night,” Bryant University president Ronald Machtley said in a statement on the school’s Facebook page. “He was bright, friendly, and always willing to lend a paw when needed to cheer on our teams or welcome new students. He will be sorely missed.”

K9 Billy Killed in Car Crash

12/4/17 - Hillsboro, OR

A police dog was killed in a crash in Hillsboro late Monday night. “It’s with great sadness that we share the loss of Hillsboro Police K9 Billy this morning,” representatives with the Hillsboro Police Department wrote. “K9 Billy and his handler, Officer Zaugg were involved in a traffic crash this evening at TV HWY and Century Blvd.” Police said the crash happened at 10:38 p.m. as Officer Zaugg was driving a patrol vehicle westbound on TV Highway. As he approached the intersection, another vehicle traveling eastbound turned left onto Century Boulevard and struck the patrol vehicle. According to HPD, the officer received minor injuries. However, K9 Billy suffered “massive trauma” and didn’t survive. The driver of the other vehicle is cooperating with the investigation. So far, no citations have been issued and the case is still under investigation.

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