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4 Big Reasons Not To Bury Your Pet In Your Back Yard

There are many but here are just three important reasons your pet should not be buried in your yard.

1. What If You Move? - The average time someone owns a home in the US is 7 years. So what happens to your pet grave-site when you end up moving? The majority of people move from their adult home at least once in their life due to many factors: job relocation, a growing family, or for downsizing. If you bury your pet in your backyard or somewhere on your property, you will be leaving the pet’s remains there—with a different family who never even knew your pet or pets. That family could choose to dig up the yard to build a playground or pool and could inadvertently find your dog, cat, bird, or other animal. Elaborate...

2. Rules, Red Tape and More Rules - Most US cities now do not allow back yard burial. Many municipalities don’t allow pet burials on your property, so if you were to bury your pet, your local government may make you re-inter your pet’s remains elsewhere.

3. Better Go Deep - When it is legal to bury on your property, many do it yourself pet parents do not dig a deep enough hole. The problem with a shallow grave is two fold; there is a greater likelihood of the spread of disease as well as other scavenger animals might dig up the grave and there goes your beloved pet.

Don’t Bury Your Pet in Your Yard

Your pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a very sad time for you and your family, and you are thinking about how to best honor your pet’s memory. You must decide how to take care of your pet’s remains. Many families believe that having their pet close to them will be the best decision, and so they decide to bury the pet in their back yard. Although many people have done this, there are several problems with going this route as highlighted above.

Your best bet is to go with a more common pet aftercare solution like cremation, aquamation or recomposition services.

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