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Pet Aftercare Options Overview

Updated: Mar 7

Most pet parents today are familiar with 1-2 options for managing their pet loss when the time comes. Many people turn to their veterinarian for after care options and most veterinarians have only one option available; fire cremation. Fire cremation has some benefits in terms of speed, ease for veterinarian and pet parent and cost but it also has many negatives as well.

Another common pet death care option familiar to but most not always an actual option to many pet parents is backyard burial. Like many things in life, there are pros and cons to both cremation and burial.

We will dive deeper into the pros and cons of the aftercare options in future blog posts. For now we just wanted to offer a sneak peek and share that there are numerous options that are less common but increasingly popular as pet parents grow increasingly concerned about the care of their animals after death and as well as the environmental impacts of aftercare options also becomes more important.

Some newer options for pet aftercare include water-based cremation (also called aquamation) and earth cremation (also know as composting). These two less know types of cremation offer some major benefits over fire cremation mainly in terms of the environmental impact as well as the gentler treatment of the animal.

At the end of the day, fire cremation has become a very normal option but is putting our pets in an oven the best, most logical and kindest aftercare option? Both water and earth cremation use these elements to more gently break down the pet using little to no energy. We look forward to explaining in more depth how all pet aftercare impact your pets even after life as well as the planet.


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